Toad's Potted Plants - fanciful foliage for your home and garden
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Toad's Potted Plants - fanciful foliage for your home and garden

unique potted plants

have you ever noticed how many shades of green there actually are, from almost silver through neon chartreuse to deepest, darkest almost midnight with all the subtlest variations of shades in between?

have you ever noticed the incredible variety of texture and shape and patterns in leaves, even on the same plant?

have you ever noticed the delight of noticing how nicely a certain shade of mauve ceramic just perfectly harmonizes with that deep maroon stripe down a well-turned leaf?

Leslie N. Piels, like Toad from Wind in the Willows, has spent many happy hours messing about in the garden noticing all that and more. Her background in fine art and innate love of nature has inspired her to explore themes of color, pattern, texture and juxtaposition through unique collage-like potted plant arrangements.

At Toad’s Potted Plants, you’ll find fanciful foliage for yourself or as a gift for someone else. You can have Leslie custom create a container garden for you or you can let her lead you down the garden path to creating artistic potted plant compositions on your own.

  • potted plants
  • unique potted plants


    compatible plants for your location

    Leslie’s years in the garden have told her what plants do well where and which are easiest to care for.

    Watching the change of seasons has shown her how to bring out the subtlety of foliage colors as they change throughout the year.

    Her fine arts background guides her in
    combining whimsical and pleasing color,
    leaf forms, textures and patterns.

    potted plant

    winsome pots for your plants


    Leslie says a good pot is like a frame for the artwork of your plants. She always includes a bit of humor – juxtaposing little with big, old with new, playing with sculptural qualities like scale, light and dark, layers and luminescence.

    Arrangements range in price from $10 to $120.

    Some arrangements can be found at
    Mrs. Dalloway’s  on College Ave in Berkeley, CA. Or contact Leslie for more information.

    winsome pots for your plants

    Leslie enthusiastically shares her passion for the garden, plants and art, inspiring and nurturing this love of the garden and our environment in everyone around her.

    1: Visit Leslie’s garden
    2: Leslie will visit your home or garden
    3: One-on-one “how to” sessions
    4: Monthly Maintenance

    winsome pots for your plants
    • Consultation at Leslie’s garden: $20/half-hour
    • Consultation at your home or garden: $25/half-hour
    • You're welcome to visit for free: make an appointment

    winsome pots for your plants


    Come dabble in the garden with Leslie, learn about plants and learn to see their color, texture and artistic aspects in new ways.

    Bring a special container to plant in, or find something among her treasure trove of pots and found objects.

    Call or email to make an appointment.

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    winsome pots for your plants


    Walk through and talk about your interests and visions for your home or garden.

    She’ll sketch up a plan with zones and notes on what kinds of plants and options will work best in which areas.

    She can work with plants and containers you already have or go out hunting for just the right thing – she’s good at sourcing on her own, or you can go together to all the best places she knows to find great stuff.

    Call or email to make an appointment.

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    winsome pots for your plants


    Work with Leslie one-on-one to pot up some fanciful foliage of your own. Bring your own plants and/or pots or "shop" in Leslie's green house for plants she propagates there and choose from her eclectic selection of containers.

    Get D.I.Y. tips on how to select complimentary pots for your plant selections, when and how to re-pot, and how to maintain your unique combinations.

    Sessions can also include Leslie going with you to shop for supplies and materials at any number of Leslie’s favorite sources.

    Call or email to make an appointment.

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    winsome pots for your plants


    Leslie can visit your home or garden to care for your special container gardens.

    Visits can be monthly or seasonal, or just a one-time sprucing up for a special event.

    Call or email to make an appointment.

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    Please feel free to email Leslie at , call her at (510) 551-8144, or use the form below.





    Available to visit by appointment only, Leslie's garden is located in the Grand Lake neighborhood of Oakland, California.

    Toad's Potted Plants